Motorcycle Electrics in Southport

Covering a wide range or Motorcycle Electrics in and around the Southport Area

Covering all brands of Motorcycles

Our auto electrical services doesn't just cover cars, we work on Motorcycles too. We cover all brands from Yamaha to Triumph and Kawasaki. 

A big part of modern and classic motorcycles is the electrical systems, with them being exposed to the weather and extreme temperatures from the close proximity of the engine over a short period of time issues can arise.

We not only just diagnose electrical systems but also install and remove alarms and accessories including camera systems and GPS trackers.

Motorcycle Lighting

One of the most common problems with motorcycles is lighting issues, we are well equipped at diagnosing and rectifying issues with these systems. 

Wiring & Alarms

We are experts in tracing wiring and finding root causes of problems from removing alarms and systems that have failed. We also install and retro fit systems for insurance and security purposes.

Motorcycle Camera Systems

Installing front and back cameras are the best ways of capturing whatever happens on the road, we can install descreet systems that record every minute you are on the bike from the moment you turn the key to the moment you turn it off. And they even record any movement that happens to the bike when you are not around!

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