Southport Dash Cam Installations

Mobile Professional Dash Cam Installations in Southport, Preston & Liverpool

Peace of mind with a Professional Dash Cam installation

The UK roads are full of danger and with insurance fraud on the rise you can be sure the dash camera will give you peace of mind and offer an unbiased witness to events in the event of an accident!

We fit your new dash camera so there are no wires ruining the inside of your car and taking up the 12v cigarette lighter socket. In most cases we hard wire the power feed into your cars fusebox enabling us not to damage any of the original wiring and leaving the car in pristine condition if you decided to remove before selling on the vehicle.

Benefits of a Professional Installation

The downside of a dash camera when purchased is they just plug into a standard cigarette lighter. These are great for quick and easy use but create distracting wiring around the cabin and offer the potential for it to be unplugged. When hardwired in have the peace of mind it starts recording from the start of the engine and switches off when you turn your engine off!

What do I need?

You just need your new dash camera and suction device for the windscreen. We supply the wiring and harness needed for your hard wire installation. This takes up to an hour and a half on vehicles. Our usual charge for a dash camera installation is £80.

Full Professional Installations from £80

Most of our installations take around 1 1/2 hours to complete, we come to you at a time of your choice.

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