Import Vehicle Lighting and Electrical Conversions

Specialising in Converting US and Import Cars to UK Specification Lighting to pass UK IVA Tests

US Conversion Specialist to UK IVA Test Specifications

We specialise in converting your import vehicle from its original country lighting and electrical setup to UK Specs. Most vehicles of up to a certain age will need to pass a strict IVA test to be registered on UK roads.

In most cases especially with US imports with create a secondary custom wiring loom around the vehicle to facilitate the conversion. In most cases we have to add ECE approved fog light and reversing light units and sometimes change your original light units in the front and rear if they are available to purchase in UK Spec.

Rear Lights

Changing your import vehicles lighting specs with approved EU/ UK light units and creating custom looms to allow your vehicle to pass its IVA test and be registered on UK roads.

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Give us a call and we can talk you through and quote for the work on your vehicle, most cars and pickups will need to be with us for a few days for the work to be completed as they need to be stripped down to allow us to run new looms and wiring for your electrical conversions.

US Import Conversion Specialist

From changing from the US Spec joint brake and red rear indicators to UK seperate brake and amber Indicators to adding side repeaters, fog lights and when needed reversing lights. Professional carrying out the work to keep the vehicle in as near original condition as possilbe.