Car Radio Installation

Are you having problems with your standard car stereo, do you want more functionality such as handsfree or Apple Car Play connectivity? Then we can help you with supplying or fitting your own car stereo.

We fit car stereos from £50

Fitting a New Stereo

We have the tools and equipment to remove and fit your new car stereo, some vehicles require facia adaptions & steering wheel control adapters ordering etc for new stereos so in some cases we would need to view the vehicle before carrying out the work.

What would I gain from replacing my stereo?

On most modern and high end vehicles you would not see much difference as the car central electrical systems are heavily intergrated and provide a lot of functionality. On older vehicles you could benefit depending on the make and model from a stereo replacement if you do not have handsfree, sat nav, Apple Car Play or media inputs such as USB or Aux. Simply changing the head unit in the vehicle would also give you a more powerful amplifier unit over the standard system so you could also expect improved sound quality.

Will I keep my Steering Wheel controls?

Most branded radio manufacturers like Sony, JVC and Pioneer make a series of adapter leads for your stereo unit which matches your cars wiring loom. We will fit and program this if your vehicle is compatible. Not all vehicles will communicate with aftermarket units so you may loose functionality in display screens etc.

What do I need for you to fit my new stereo?

If you have decided to purchase your stereo and get us to fit it for you then you will need to make sure that you have everything required unless you ask us to check for you. Depending on the vehicle then some cars require facia kits and wiring harness adapters. We do not alter your cars wiring loom to fit a stereo if there is a wiring harness available. If we are dealing with Classic Cars or special circumstances, new installations and custom jobs then we create our own looms and adapters etc.