Southport Battery & Alternator Testing

Do you think your battery is on its way out? Does your car seem to take longer to start? 

We can perform a battery test for only £30 giving you peace of mind that you are not going to get stranded or unable to get to work on a cold winters morning. Not only do we test the battery, we also perfom a test of your vehicles charging system to rule out any issues that would still be present if you changed your battery.

If we find a problem with either your battery or alternator and you decide to purchase a new battery or ask us to fix the charging fault we do not charge for the battery test!

Car Battery testing
Battery Test

The battery is the life blood of your vehicles starting system. Without sufficient power you will not be able to start your car, this may not be obvious until a quick cold snap which can finish off a weak battery. Tell tail signs of this can be slower starting or taking longer for your car to fire up.

Another issue could be a parasitic battery drain, an indication of this is finding your car won’t start from as little as 30 mins after it has been running.

We can perform a test for this if your issues do not appear to be with your battery or charging system.

Our standard battery test performs checks on the battery and alternator for £30, if we feel your problem requires further diagnosis we can perform a parasitic battery drain test and find the cause of the drain at our usual hourly rate of £50.

Alternator Testing
Alternator Test

The alternator is a crucial part of the vehicles charging system. Without it you would not be able to keep driving and your car would soon stop running as it drains the battery and has no power to run the ignition systems. During the Alternator Test we check the load required on the battery as your starter motor engages and how quickly the alternator begins charging the battery when the car is running. If we find you are not getting a suffient charge to maintain the cars running requirements and recharge the battery we would rule out faults in the charging system eg your alternators drive belts etc before recommending a new alternator which we can change for you.